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About ABC

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Our Mission

The A.B.C in our name stands for Agriculture, Bees and Composting highlighting the keys to our STEM motivated mobile program. 


Our mission is to empower minority and low income communities with sustainable Agriculture, Beekeeping and Composting skills as a way to promote food security, environmental awareness, financial sustainability and to combat systemic health insecurity.

Tackling Hunger

Caring for the Planet

Uplifting Communities

Our Goals

Community Outreach

To spread awareness of environmental responsibility as it relates to our food production and everyday life by partnering with local mentorships, home school organizations and other community outreach programs.

Educational Programs

To establish and maintain evidence-based curriculum certification programs that will incorporate hands-on group and individual learning experiences based on agriculture, beekeeping, composting and nutrition.

Financial Empowerment

 To introduce local members to agriculture and beekeeping as a means of providing personal income and reducing poverty within vulnerable and minority communities.


Where the money goes

We truly respect and appreciate your support. We are committed to using your charitable donations toward the specific fundraising causes of your choice. We promise to keep you updated with fundraising goals and impact it has on our community.

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